September 18 2014, 08:38 AM


are not open yet but probably will be sometime next week, so heads up. 

i’m probably going to do what i did last time though, and be more limiting in what i take on since i want to be able to finish them in a month despite having some intense classes this semester. SO if you’ve got something fairly complicated you want made, i’m sorry you’ll probably have to wait until christmas break ish time. 

but yeah, i’m guessing i’ll open like… 2 6 inch commissions and a couple teenies. so keep an eye out if you’re interested :)

September 15 2014, 07:51 PM

ok so life update my classes are I N S A N E this semester so like. i will be especially slow getting to everything and you probably won’t see much from me, and i just really hope i’ll have the time to take commissions at all because it would be cool to not starve to death, y’know. 

umm actually i think i’m gonna turn my ask box off for the semester?? i’ll try to get to the couple asks i’ve got but if you want to send me fanmail instead since i can’t turn that off, i might get to that but probably not. you can also email me at and i’ll be more likely to answer that, but basically i might just flat out ignore people this semester because it’s kinda stressy. 


September 14 2014, 12:45 PM

finally finished with these guys!!! i’m hoping to get the rest of what’s left done this week before i get hit full force with homework. we’ll see. 

anyways, here are these two cuties, zoey and nita! 

September 10 2014, 10:36 PM

magpiebones replied to your post: ok here’s an updated to do list that …

HOORAY THATS TTLY FINE TAKE YOUR TIME i can also pay for shipping if u need! i dont mind!

oh pshh naw shippings like four bux it aint no thang

September 10 2014, 10:27 PM

on that note, when i finish all of that to-do list i’ll open more commissions soon after. i kind of want to try doing mostly mini commissions this semester, at least to start, since i’m still unsure how my workspace will be with my sewing machine. 

SO if you’re interested in a mini commish, get ready, i’ll post on here when i’m open. i’ll be open to most animals and characters, but obviously some things i won’t be able to do because of the limited style/color options. price range ~$50-$70.

September 10 2014, 10:18 PM

ok here’s an updated to do list that i’m taking to school (hopefully i’ll have time to finish them over the weekend before classes start!) for anyone still waiting on something from me since tomorrow has been the deadline i’ve been yellin out to everyone

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September 10 2014, 04:07 PM

big ol heliolisk with special features like a jointed mouth, and that frill things that opens and closes (with the help of some snaps)

September 05 2014, 03:07 PM

this is Whip from Pop’n Music! i guess one of the things she does is get her head all covered in whipped cream or clouds or somethin, so i made her a removable cloud mask so she can be whatever she wants to be.

September 05 2014, 03:03 PM

little teddy bear-esque growlithe! the commissioner requested it be really maleable so he’s extra squishy and can move his arms and legs around more than most of my plush :>

September 05 2014, 12:02 AM
Do you ship to the UK?

yeah! i’ll ship anywhere if you’re willing to pay for it! 

the only problem with international shipping is while i can do first class shipping for <$20 for most small-medium things, it’s a risky shipping option because there is no predictable time frame and no tracking (except for canada) i’ve had a couple packages that were MIA for a month and we were about to give it up as lost when they finally made it. Priority is quite a bit more expensive (base price of $40 i believe) but they give a time frame of around a week, so while there still is no tracking, you at least know about when it’ll come and when to start worrying. and then of course there’s express which is the only one with tracking that has a base price of ~$50, and i’ve not had anything exceed $80. so while pricey, it’s the safest option by far. 

SO it’s just up to what the commissioner wants, since i don’t have any control or responsibility for what happens to the plush once i send it out. ;) 

September 04 2014, 10:00 AM
so uh, how much would that houndoom plush be? if i were to commission the same thing, that is.

my prices are here (that link is also on my sidebar and in my FAQ, which is on my side bar ha) this houndoom was in the 1-2 foot range.

i don’t give out specific prices until i’m actually open for commissions (i’m currently closed) just because pricing things isn’t an exact science and i don’t like to have to remember exactly what i told everyone so i can give them the same price when they come back in a couple months. it’s easier on me and fairer for everyone. 

(also i don’t re-use patterns for commissions since people are paying for one-of-a-kind plush, but i could make you a similar houndoom ;))

September 01 2014, 06:08 PM

houndoom! made to be extra huggable! around a foot tall!

September 01 2014, 05:55 PM

this is verlidaine's character bourbon, and she was super fun to make! what an awesome design :>

September 01 2014, 09:50 AM

phinflynn replied to your post: ughh ok i feel bad because i feel lik…

i assume the quotes mean “ditto”, meaning my houndoom is almost done? i’m just guessing, really, it’s fine if he’s NOT almost done. i’m so excited, though, i can’t wait! <3

YEAH quotes means ditto! i sent you an email :>

August 31 2014, 09:58 PM

ughh ok i feel bad because i feel like i haven’t been awesome at communicating with commissioners this month especially. i took on probably 1 or two more than i should have this month to comfortably fit in my time left before school, and then i let a bunch of trades/weird side projects/little dog commissions fill in cracks that weren’t really there. on top of all of that, i had an unexpected trip to san fransico pop up that tae up some more time, and while trying to keep up with all of this communication is what fell by the side.

SO I PROMISE I’M HARD AT WORK and even though i might have thrown out some hypothetical deadlines and then haven’t said anything since then and those deadlines have passed, i PROMISE i haven’t forgotten about your project. i’m gonna put some specifics of my progress under the cut but the short version is i’m on track to finish all my big (ie not miniature) commissions before i leave for school on the 11th, and the miniature things/trades will, in a perfect world, also be finished by then, but if something rolls over into school those will be it. the good news is they don’t take as much time/space/setup as bigger things, so i hope to finish whatever i have left during the first week of school before homework gets crazy and i need to open more commissions to feed myself. (that’s the week of the 15th.)

so a more detailed to-do list under the cut

(also if you want to keep up on things the best way to do it is to check this #commissioners take note tag, and to check my @sewgoodsplush twitter since that’s where i put wip’s when i remember to take pics)

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