1. sherlokihavethephonebox asked: I am amazed by your work and I'd love to have one of your plushies. I know comissions are closed right now, but I was wondering if you'd make some during summer? Because I've been looking all over for a Raichu plush and yours is way better than official ones, if I have to wait until july-august I wouldn't mind at all :)

    thank you!! 

    answering this publicly in case anyone else has this question: yeah i am definitely going to be open all summer! commissions are going to be my full time job from now until september, so there will be lots of opportunities!

    i -might- actually open a couple between now and next friday, i haven’t decided yet. but if i do they will be on this blog so anyone interested, keep an eye out!

  2. cowards-dice asked: Hello! ; v ; I've been admiring your work for a while now (plus you seem like such a nice person-- ) and I was wondering if you could maybe help me out with something? Not a commission, promise! I have some trouble with my embroidery machine not lining up my stitches right?;;;; Like the colours have gaps between them or overlap wrongly... I'm not sure if I'm just really bad at setting my fabric into the hoop or what. Is there a chance you can give me advice? Thank you very much!

    oh thank you!! ;u; 

    and i actually know very little about embroidery machine stuff like that :( i know enough to get what i need to done, and the rest is a mystery to me! they’re tricky little machines. but i’ll let you know all that i know and hopefully it will help! i’ll publish this too in case anyone else needs some help! sticking it under a cut because it got long haha

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  3. This is Charlotte, an OC of rypeltajaroll!

    the last coupla pics are with julian, my OC. he’s looking extra mischievous because he (read: I) lost his glasses, and those are what made him look humble and lovable. they look like they could be siblings or something haha

  4. here’s this bear guy i’ve been working on the past couple days! first plush made in it’s entirety this summer! first of many, hopefully ;)

  5. raichuuuuu!!!! i’ve been working on this guy on and off since january, and i think he’s finally done. 1:1 scale (almost; i think he ended up a couple inches short when all was said and done) with a wire tail. he was based off of the 3D model that is in the new game (?? if that’s what you call that, i haven’t played it /u\ )

  6. bubblerhapsody replied to your photo: “Made him a little taller, he was too squat earlier. Making great time…”:
    ohhh awesome! what character is this? c:

    i’m pretty sure it’s the commissioner’s original design!

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    Made him a little taller, he was too squat earlier.
Making great time today! It’s amazing what you can do when you wake up at a decent time!

    Made him a little taller, he was too squat earlier.
    Making great time today! It’s amazing what you can do when you wake up at a decent time!

  8. 21:50 17th Apr 2014

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    Wip 2! That’s it for the night, woo

    Wip 2! That’s it for the night, woo

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    ~WIP post~

    ~WIP post~

  10. 12:44 14th Apr 2014

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    cakeycat asked: Hey Channing, the fox and lion that you made for your illustration project are gorgeous! Would you mind talking a bit about how you made the fox's head?? It looks to be a much more complicated head pattern than normal, its a really gorgeous style! Thanks :D

    thank you so much!! 

    and it’s funny you should say that, because it’s actually probably the simplest part of the fox XD

    here’s the head pattern, and the body pattern so you can see where it attaches:

    the lines on the neck are just because i wasn’t sure how much of the head i wanted minky, and since the head is turned i wasn’t sure exactly how it would sit, so i gave myself extra that i could trim. the stuffing hole was the neck, so i hand-sewed the head on, i think i ended up going along the line closest to the face. here’s a (bad) picture of how he originally looked:

    when i took him to class everyone said he looked a little bald with his ‘hairline’ back behind his ears, so i just cut some scraps out of the fur and sewed them onto his cheeks and forehead and trimmed them to the shape i wanted. here’s his mugshot with the new fur:

    and then the dark orange and white on his face are just applique, i was too lazy to actually sew them into the pieces. ^^

    the complicated part of this guy was balancing the front legs, and giving him a little twist to the body, which i can’t explain as easily because there was a lot of tugging and sewing after he was done to make him stay upright and turn like i wanted to. the front legs were also hand sewn on afterwards, because i didn’t want to bother trying to figure out how they should sit when i made the pattern. they ended up needing wire in them so they were stiff enough to hold the body up. 

    i hope that helps this guy make sense!

  11. 16:04 11th Apr 2014

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    buppydog asked: you make the BEST plush toys I've ever seen an independent artist make. they look really professional! how do you do it? just practice, or do you just have a knack for this kind of stuff?

    haha oh thank you!! it’s definitely just a lot of practice! i basically do this stuff full time during the summer, and then i make as many of my school assignments as possible plush projects, so i’ve got a lot of hours in ;)

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    ALSO i’ve got one of these guys like… 90% made. he’d also be $36. i don’t want to spend the time to finish him up if i’m not certain someone wants to buy him immediately, but if one of you are interested, let me know and i’ll finish him up for you! here are the other things i’m trying to sell

    ALSO i’ve got one of these guys like… 90% made. he’d also be $36. i don’t want to spend the time to finish him up if i’m not certain someone wants to buy him immediately, but if one of you are interested, let me know and i’ll finish him up for you! here are the other things i’m trying to sell

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    anyone want to buy this guy? he’s the shibe i made for the pattern instructions to show how to make the face and paws without an embroidery machine. so his paws and face are hand sewn, and his eyes are onyx beads. i would like $36 for him, email me at cactus.joe@gmail.com if you are interested! first come first served! also i’ll need the payment right away so if you can’t pay for a couple days, there will be other shibas ;)

    check out my shop for the other things i’ve got for sale, any sales would really really help me out! i’ve got a grey french bulldog, a silver fox, a finger sloth, and the shiba pattern on there. also for sale is this carousel borzoi plush i made.


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    95dogmes asked: I just have to say that I'm a really huge fan of your work and this latest project with the constellations is just absolutely amazing work. I was curious if you'd ever sell prints of the illustrations? I am a huge star/constellation nerd and I would love to have them as prints to hang up in my room. I can't wait to see what you do next, I'm sure it will be fantastic!

    oh thank you!! i actually never thought of selling prints but i might now that i know people are interested! i’ve got a busy next couple of weeks, but i’ll look into selling prints probably in may sometime :)

  15. enteringhysteria asked: hey just saw your plush constellation post and it looked like one of the constellations was a shiba inu and I could google it but thought that I'd just ask you about it. I have a shiba inu named fox and am completely obsessed with him and anything having to do with him... as you can imagine the shibe internet explosion was very joyous for me, and then doge kinda just took the cake... can you tell me about the constellations you chose?

    yeah certainly! i hope my explanation isn’t disappointing, because there isn’t a lot behind it ^^;

    i needed to come up with a project that i could make into a series of works that could both be illustrated and made into plush, and since a lot of constellations are portrayed as some kind of animal, i went with this idea. 

    i knew that the big dipper (ursa major) was a bear and i wanted to do that one, and other than that i just looked up a ‘list of constellations’ and wrote down the ones i thought sounded fun to make, and i ended up choosing leo (lion), vulpecula (fox chasing a goose, hence the feathers) and canis major (dog) for the other three. the fox and the lion were pretty straight forward, and i decided on a polar bear for ursa major because it made me think of the northern lights and those make me think of polar bears (not super related but that’s how i did it) and then for canis major i honestly was just feelin like making a shiba inu! it probably would have been more ‘accurate’ if i made it some kind of hound, like a greyhound or something since that’s how most other people portray it, and because it’s technically one of orion’s hunting dogs, but i had just done those borzois for another project, and greyhounds are similar to borzois, and i didn’t really want to draw other kinds of hounds, so i just picked a shiba because they’re aesthetically one of my favorite dogs :P so probably not what most people initially think of when they think of canis major, but whatever, it was my project :)