April 03 2013, 09:13 PM

the first of many many baby toys to come

for my nephew

who’s due in august


anyways i just found out yesterday that the baby is a boy, so of course today i dropped everything and went to the store and bought cute baby type fabrics so i can make a million of these kinds of things. i did kind of slap this guy together because i just wanted to have a baby toy that was finished, but i like how the pattern turned out and i’ll probably use it some more. 

and his feets are inspired by nightingales' style because i love the way she does paws and i did a really horrible job this time but i really want to copy her paws in future projects hahaha (everyone look at her art and follow her and stuff if you have not already done so)

now i will resume my regularly scheduled commissions

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  3. nightingales said: YELLING this is adorable and I love the fabric colours and the style of the plush! So perfect. Really really flattered you used an element in my art as an inspiration for part of the plush too wahhh [screaming]
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